Coup de Main - About Us
Coup de Main  - "Real Training, for Real Life"
Coup de Main:
"A swift attack that relies on speed and surprise to accomplish its objectives in a single blow".
Our company is named for that very reason. When a threat is present, a quick and swift action will enable you to quickly respond to a threat before the situation escalates. It has been proven, statistically that each second a threat continues an attack, the greater damage is done to the victim and less options the victim has to lessen the attack.  Therefore, why would you want to prolong your response and not train yourself mentally and physically for a sudden response to a threat?

Coup de Main Training was created in 2008, after returning home from three years of private military contracting, in a high threat environment. Coup de Main training started as a pre-vetting training company to meet the high training demands for private security operators who would eventually go overseas after obtaining contracts from larger DOS companies. From there, local law enforcement officers began asking to train with Coup de Main, in an effort to train at a higher level than their department and the state offers. 

As Coup de Main grew, so did the client base and we began to travel to our clients range and departments for training.  In 2010, we started offering civilian courses to meet the need for quality firearms and self-defense training for those wishing to protect themselves and their loved ones, but from a reality based dynamic perspective.

Coup de Main courses use reality based training and we utilize a Progressive Learning System, or “PLS” which teaches the student skill sets in progressive and incremental steps. This means that each technique the student performs, is building towards the next technique they will learn. This enables the student to continually enhance their skill set throughout the course.

Why train with us? We not only a variety of classes and security solutions, but each instructor is thoroughly vetted to ensure they have the proper training, personal experience, certifications in adult learning and majority have had been in a hostile situation. This vetting process allows our students to receive training from instructors that not only have the “paper” credentials, but the real life credentials that can offer more to our students from their personal experiences under duress. Each instructor we have is one or more of the following; former military, private security contractor and certified law enforcement officer instructor with SWAT/SRT as a minimum requirement. 

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